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    Demand Gen Specialist @ Spiceworks - one of the fastest growing companies in Austin, TX

    Drew Sollberger

      Hi folks,


      I'm hiring for a demand gen role with Spiceworks in Austin, TX. If your specialty is building, optimizing, and analyzing marketing programs that drive revenue impact, we're looking for you. Marketo experience is a definite plus, as well as SFDC or other CRM.


      You can find the job posting here: Careers Center - Demand Generation Specialist


      And a quick bit about Spiceworks:


      Launched in 2006, Spiceworks is an Austin-based company that’s shaking up the tech space and transforming how products (hardware, software, and IT services) are marketed and sold to millions of IT professionals around the world.


      Thousands of tech brands (including Microsoft, Dell, HP, and Rackspace) use Spiceworks to reach and connect with these IT pros. Historically a tough market to reach, vendors love the unique ways Spiceworks helps them connect with this elusive market… so much so that Forbes touted us “the future of media.”