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    How long should it take for data to flow from WebEx to Marketo

      How long does it typically take for data to flow from WebEx to Marketo. It often takes me as long as 24 hours to find out who attended a webcast (unless I log into WebEx). Even after I click "Refresh from Webinar Provider" in Marketo, the process of getting attendance info is very long. Is this tyical? Is there anything I can do to speed it up?


      On a related note, is there anything I can do to pass Webex polling and post-webcast survey information from WebEx into Marketo. For instance, a webcast attendee participates in our in-webcast poll, and fills out our post-webcast survey. If I created custom fields to host that info in Marketo, how can I get it to flow from WebEx into Marketo?


      Thanks in advance,