Trent Cross

Thank you to those who attended the SLC MUG meeting!

Discussion created by Trent Cross Champion on Oct 22, 2015

Thanks to all who attended and participated in our recent user group meeting this past week (10/21 - that's right, 'Back to the Future' day). We were happy to welcome several new attendees along with several 'regulars'; hope to see the rest of you at our next meeting.


We like to give a special thank you to Kate Federhar and Jace Garside for presenting and leading the discussion. 

You can access and download the presentation:Lead Nurture Ecosystem Presentation from the group site.  Additionally, Jace has provided a link to the Marketo Token Glossary that provides a list of all the tokens available for use.



Lastly a special thanks to Matt Peterson of JIVE Communications providing the pizza afterwards!


Don't forget to update your email and communication preferences in your profile; check out the TIP: Receiving Announcements in your work email In-box for more details.



Stay tuned for more details on our next upcoming meeting in December - should be a fun event and meeting!