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"Lead Status" reverted to the field "status"

Question asked by Khushboo Yadav on Jul 30, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2014 by Khushboo Yadav
Hi everyone!

We have come across an interesting change this week.

Background: We often pull a complete Marketo export file for one of our workspaces.


In the default view of this report, we have some fields like First Name, Last Name, etc. and "Status". This "status" column in default view pulls the lead statuses. One of my colleagues pointed out that this used to be "Lead Status" before this release. And we export the file, the excel file's column reads "lead status".

This gets confusing for us because when we try to edit the report to add additional fields we want to pull, we have another "status" field which is an option to include but it is not the field that tracks the lead status.
Till last week, we used to see "Lead status" in our default view which is now reverted to only "status".

Is there a bug that reverted the field name to "status" from "lead status" in Marketo after the release possibly?

Has anybody else faced any similar issues?

Please advise.