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    hack Forward To Friend to make more 'cool'

    JD Nelson

      I'm trying to build a segmentation of an email that gets "forwarded to a friend" using the system token, but if I configure a custom segmentation I'm going to need a few minutes before it updates... is there any way to delay the FTAF email? Or is there a way to utilize the FTAF form to populate a list, instead? (then I can schedule off that list to get around the timing issues)  Any other ideas?

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          Josh Hill

          It's kind of unlikely you can accomplish this if you use the native functionality. Does the FTF even have enough fields to meet your Segmentation?


          I'd use a separate Form and system to handle this.

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            John Clark

            Hi JD,


            There isn't currently any way to alter or delay the F2F functionality.  It's not really a form in your instance, so you can't edit it like you would others.


            I've seen this type of request before though, and I'd encourage you to either post your own idea or find another one you could add your vote too.



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              JD Nelson

              Maybe there's a better way to accomplish what I'm trying -- in that, if I send an email to someone, trying to get them to invite a friend, I don't want the email that goes to that friend to be "hey, invite a friend" but rather, "hey, a friend invited you" -- so I only need first name and email (ultimately)... is there a better way to accomplish this?  (My segmentation was simply going to be "received ftf" specific to my current topic...

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                JD Nelson

                I was able to create a segmentation of people registered for my campaign (webinar in this case), using Program Member Status = Registered.


                I then created an email to send TO the registrants, thanking them for registering, and to 'forward to a friend' our invite. When they click that standard token/link, and put in their colleague information, the email will send a 2nd segmented version (because the default segment is presumably 'not registered') and the subject line and content changes to say "Hey, your colleague thought you might like to come to this..." and completely changes the email.  I even sent it to someone, they registered, sent it again and the segmentation picked up that they had already registered and sent them the correct version (probably a 3-5 minute wait).


                Consider F2F Hacked!  Yay!

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                  As Josh says, use a form rather than FTF.  JD's solution is clever, but if I understand it, it is designed for someone forwarding the post-registration email but not the original invite.  You would want a solution for both use cases.


                  The short description of how-to: You would create extra fields for the data about the friend, like first name and email.  Use a webhook to add the person to the database and then do the appropriate emailing.  You can add the name of the person from whom it was forwarded by in the email to the friend. 


                  This is a general solution to any referral program, where one person is recommending another for an activity.