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    Campaign ID for analytics

    David Klein
      I am interested in passing a Marketo campaign ID automatically to links in my emails (ex. passing to Google Analytics utm tracking parameters.)  My goal is to improve the depth of our analytics.  It would be useful for tracking engagement/conversions beyond clicks and it would also help for unsubscribe reporting for our business channels (we use an external email preferences center.)

      Is campaign ID available as a system token?  Any other recommendations for achieving what I am looking for with the understanding that I would like the process to be automated if possible?

      Thanks in advance.
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          Josh Hill
          Do you mean the SFDC Campaign ID?

          Either way, no it is not a system token. You would have to add this field and populate it somehow. Without programming, this would not be automatic.

          Perhaps you could better explain what you are trying to track.
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            David Klein
            Thanks Josh.

            I was referring to the Marketo campaign ID as described in this article:

            Since we are using multiple business channels it would allow us to identify the specific email that a user unsubscribed from.  It would also allow us to track page views per visit and conversions/revenue for anyone that clicked on an email.  Clicks are great but we are looking for engagement metrics beyond clicks to measure performance of campaigns and programs.

            I think adding the Marketo campaign ID as a system token would be valuable for users attempting to automate this type of reporting.  Unless I am missing some other way of getting at the engagement analytics that we desire?

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              David Klein
              To close the loop on this, the campaign ID system token ({{campaign.ID}}) has the information that I need to automatically append tracking info to links.

              Here is an article that lists many (but not all) of the system tokens that are available:

              Note the article above doesn't include campaign.ID but that is indeed an available token.

              Hope this helps someone.