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Adding Wait Steps to an Engagement Nurture

Question asked by 846ad03fe66470b28419c2ae8c05e867048f25b2 on Oct 22, 2015
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Our company wants to have a nurture campaign where each stream has two email. The leads are to enter the stream once they fill out a free asset form. The first stream has 2 emails in it, but they are not to receive the second email unless they DO NOT open the first.


If they do open the first, the second stream's transition rule will make them "Wait" for 3 days and pull them into Stream 2.


Our goal is for the lead to receive emails every 7 days unless they click or open. If they engage, we move them into the next stream and send them the new stream's email within three days.


Question 1 -

     How do I implement a wait step between emails in the same stream? I want the Cadence to be every day, since leads will be filling out forms on the daily, but I want the second email to wait 7 days to evaluate whether the first email was opened and THEN send a second one.


Question 2 -

     Will placing a Wait step in the Flow of the Transition rule work for the 3 days wait I mentioned above? Will the flow first wait the three days and THEN add them to the stream?


Screenshots of what i've done.
Stream 1





Stream 2 Transition (pretend 3 minutes is 3 days - testing right now)

transition rule.PNG

Smart Campaign for "Wait then send v2"

Wait Smart Campaign Smart List.PNG

flow of that campaign (pretend is says 7 days)

Wait Smart Campaign Flow.PNG


very open for other processes and ideas to accomplish this.