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    SFDC Campaign Member Status Options Disappearing

      Hi - We have a program sync'd with a SFDC campaign and the SFDC member status options keep disappearing to our Salesforce users (as well as the previously entered data).  They are the same five options as the channel in the program and it appears random which options are being deleted.  We don't have this issue with SFDC campaigns that are not sync'd with Marketo.  Did I set this up incorrectly?  Has anyone else ran into this issue? 


      Any direction is appreciated.  Thanks.

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          Justin Norris

          Tim Rudd


          That's weird. Program/Campaign sync will fail if there are incompatible statuses...


          How to Match Program Statuses and Salesforce Campaign Statuses Prior to Sync - Marketo Docs - Product Docs


          ...also Marketo will automatically create the statuses to match the program statuses if you are creating the campaign from the program setup. However, I can't recall random options being deleted.


          Sounds like a support issue.

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            Mike Reynolds



            When syncing the Marketo Program to the SFDC Campaign, if the available statuses are not an exact match, you'll get an error message while trying to sync them. However, after the sync is already established, there are no errors generated if the available statuses are changed inside of SFDC or within the Channel inside of Marketo--there's nothing to stop you from making that change, it just breaks the sync.


            There isn't any function in the sync between the Program and the SFDC Campaign that would cause available statuses to change--it's just not a functionality that exists. However, if someone changed the available statuses on one side or the other, since that breaks the sync between the Marketo Program and the SFDC campaign, it's entirely possible that you could have "old" information that hasn't updated because the sync isn't working properly.


            Another option is that the sync user could have had visibility removed for that particular SFDC Campaign, which would again break the sync and cause you to see "old" information if there were changes made.


            In both scenarios, there's a quick way to test for it. Go to your Marketo Program and remove the sync to the SFDC Campaign. Once that change has been saved, go back in and try to re-sync the Marketo Program to the same exact SFDC Campaign again. If there are differences in the available statuses you'll see an error message right away. If the visibility to the campaign was removed from the sync user, you won't be able to even see the SFDC Campaign to choose it.


            Once you've gone through that, if you're still having trouble, try to get specific examples of which leads were showing the discrepancies in statuses between the two systems and open a case with Marketo Support. To speed up the process, just be sure to include these details:

            • Reference to which specific leads have the problem (email address or URL for lead record)
            • URL Link to the program that has the sync with the SFDC campaign
            • Screen shots from within SFDC for the example leads of what statuses are available there. (Make sure you get full page screen shots of the whole browser page including the URL)
            • Any other additional details you can find that would be helpful
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