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Web form API Sync into Marketo - Not Marketo Form - Help!

Question asked by Lindsay Zanga on Oct 16, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2015 by Sanford Whiteman

Hi all,


I wanted our demo request form to be a marketo form but our engineering team insisted on creating our own form and then having an API call into marketo (not sure why they refused to just drop the iframe code in from my pretty form).  Because of this I can't use standard trigger campaigns based on "fills out form" instead I am needing to use a trigger of "lead is created and original source info = web service API or lead source = demo request".  I am wondering if others have forms that sync via API that could give some guidance/best practices on how they manager their trigger campaigns.  Some concerns that I have and am wondering if others have workarounds are:


  • Right now when someone submits the demo request form the system would fill in the "lead source" field to be "demo request". However, if the lead is not net new to the system I do not want to override the original source with the new "demo request" source.  But if this is not overridden I do not know how I will know if someone submitted a demo request form or not.  Any ideas on how I could do a workaround? I was wondering if I could do a marketo field checkbox field that passes over via API to say demo request = True.  Then I could run my trigger campaign on "lead source = demo request" or "data value changes and demo request checkbox = true".  I have heard from some people that you shouldn't have more than 1 trigger per smart campaign - is this true? What are the implications of having more than one?


Thanks in advance to anyone who can provide some advice!!