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different cookie values for the same session

Question asked by 7b9e8d68222a322bd23d667891f1226797ee5610 on Jun 11, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2014 by 7b9e8d68222a322bd23d667891f1226797ee5610
We're building a drupal website that integrates with Marketo via webforms.

Whenever a visitor submits a webform, they get a _mkto_trk cookie that looks similar to the one in the api documentation ( <numbers-letters-numbers>&token:_mch-<domain>-<number>-<number> ) but when they visit a subdomain, or refresh the page, or visit a different page, they get a different value for the same cookie : <our_marketo_user_id>&token:_mch-<domain>-<number>-<number>

Is this behaviour intended ? 
If so, how can i link the two cookies to one lead ? 
If not, any idea what's causing this issue ?