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    Marketo definition for "Acquisition Program"

      Hi - Can anyone give me the Marketo definition for "Acquisition Program?" thx!

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          Josh Hill

          It is the program that acquired the lead - the net new lead where the lead became a member of the program AND was first "known". A lead can become Acquired at ANY status in the Program.


          For Multitouch, the lead must reach a SUCCESS in the program.


          More detail is in the University and at docs.marketo.com.

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            Jamie Lewis

            Just to clarify, there are two ways to calcualte acquisition program.


            the first is called first touch acquisition, meaning the prgram that acquired the name\email address for us is the acquisition program.


            Then there is multi-touch acquisition.  In this case acquisition is divided up between all of the programs that successfully engaged the lead, based on your own success criteria. 

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                Tiffany Gourdin

                Hi Jamie - how does Acquisition Program function when you use Multi-Touch? Do you allow Marketo to overwrite the value in the Acquisition Program field every time they become a "success" in a program? How/where is the credit divided?

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                    Nicholas Manojlovic

                    The field doesn't get overwritten. Multi-touch is another way of saying the credit is divided against any programs the lead touched and the success criteria was met. Ie., if you say that your success criteria is opening an email in a program, then a lead with an opportunity or revenue is going to get credit in a multi-touch model only if they open the email. Just being sent the email is not enough.


                    This is how I like to explain why multitouch is a better way of thinking about things:


                    Think of two ways of doing things.. the traditional way many businesses operate is they add up all the marketing they did and then divide the income.. it's a horrible way of doing things:


                    What if I double my Print? Does that have an impact on my bottom line? What if I double my event budget? Anything? Can I ditch Display advertising?


                    In a multitouch model you can give credit based on what you consider success of a program:


                    Is it a net new name? or is it opening an email? is it a web-search in the minutes after your TV ad was on? In an aggregate sense, you'll be able to see that most of the income is credited against particular activities, whilst others are less effective.


                    Understanding Attribution - Marketo Docs - Product Docs

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                        Tiffany Gourdin

                        Thank you Nicholas. I understand the concept of multi-touch (distribute revenue equally across all successful "touches"), and why first touch is sub-par, but I am struggling with understanding when the field "Acquisition Program" should be filled out when you have deployed MT attribution. I see it as an option on list uploads, should the the field "Acquisition Program" be filled out here - even for known leads? Should the field "Acquisition Program" be overwritten every time a lead reaches a successful stage in a Program? Thanks!

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                            Nicholas Manojlovic

                            Hi Tiffany,


                            In many ways you don't really need to worry about the Acqusition Program field - it is filled automatically by Marketo and assigned according to which program the lead became known. Once this field is filled, that's it - you don't have to think of it again and it won't change. For example, if you have three programs in Marketo (eg., a Roadshow called "Big Event 2015", a Download/Form called "Whitepaper on Optics", or a List import called "Customer referrals"), and you meet someone new or previously unknown to your Marketo database at the Roadshow, then the Aquisition Program will become the name of your program "Big Event 2015". Likewise, if the first time they become known to Marketo, the Acuqisiton Program is automatically called "Whitepaper on Optics".


                            For the list uploads, this is an opportunity for you to assign an Acquisition Program for people who are NEW leads - so if you're uploading 10 new leads and 10 leads that are already known to Marketo, you will see the Acquisition Program is only updated for the new leads.


                            In summary - let Marketo take care of the Acquisition Program for all your campaigns, and think about it only when you're doing a list import of new leads.


                            *caveat, the Acquisition Program is not written automatically when you use the "Embed Form" function - you'll need to update this with a Change Data flow action.

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                        Joe Reitz

                        Attribution. You're talking about attribution