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Conversion Goals in Google Analytics due to subdomains and subdirectories

Question asked by 0dc582a1e39c67ffe9993c730fae03452d84044b on Oct 15, 2015
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Hi all,


We are currently working on an integration between Google Analytics and Marketo. We encountered unfortunately the problem that we have both subdomains ( and and subdirectories (, what leads to the problem that goal conversions (specified as thank you pages of certain downloads) are not measured correctly per subdirectory.


For this we are thinking about a solution where we would have 1 primary UA-tracking code (UA-XXXXX-1) for the main domain and subdomain ( and Of course we will exclude the subdirectories from this because we will give them all separate UA-tracking codes:


(UA-XXXXX-2) for

(UA-XXXXX-3) for



With Google Tag Manager we will fire both the UA tracking codes for the primary domain (UA-XXXXX-1) and the related subdirectory (UA-XXXXX-2, when a person is visiting the Example of how we will set this up is


Will this be possible and will this have no consequences for all tracking data?


If I have to provide more information please let me know!