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    Sales Insight Alternatives

    Adrian Watkins

      We've been struggling with Sales Insight in SFDC for a while now due to its limitations. As many have mentioned in this community we have found that the reporting available to sales reps is limited with many of the filters, such as Web Activity, being very basic. Our biggest problem though is the limited ability of Sales Insight emails. We want to create editable emails for our sales team to use. Unfortunately it is very easy to lose the formatting on a sales insight email when you make edits from within the SFDC app. This means our sales team are tempted to use the blank template option in Sales Insight but that provides very basic formatting options, the emails that come from using this normally look ugly.


      That said we are investigating what work arounds we can implement to make Sales Insight more useful. At the same time I am interested to know if there are any third party products that have been created as an alternative to Sales Insight?

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          I have reached out to some of our Champions to see what they recommend.

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            Josh Hill

            I have heard Yesware and Outreach are used by quite a few people. I haven't personally seen them in action. However, the users I did encounter recently were hoping to consolidate into one service if they could.


            I would like to know more about the kind of reporting your Reps want. It is pretty rare for a sales team to focus on this kind of data beyond what MSI shows them.

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              Ashley Ayan

              I have used Yesware with my previous employer. The reason the sales people loved the tool was due to their strong integration with Gmail. However you will hit the same issues with potential formatting issues with email design even with Yesware. To minimize this issue, we reviewed the most common content that our sales people used and see what they customized. Any pattern that we can see, Marketing created more tailored emails utilizing tokens for our sales people to use. This minimized the number of emails going out with not so great look.

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                Amanda Thomas

                I know this is already answered, but hopefully you'll find this helpfull. Our sales team is in the same boat with marketo insight in salesforce as with reporting. For email templates we use Yesware and/or Canned Responses in google. (If you're using gmail). I prefer to pull templates from the Canned Responses setting in gmail because it's just easier for me to keep videos in the templates, add attachments, and edit. Also, yesware still tracks the emails sent.


                How to set up canned responses: Click the Labs tab, find Canned Responses, click the Enable radio button to enable Canned Responses, scroll down and click Save Changes. 3. Compose an email message you'd like to use over and over again, and then click the arrow in the lower right-hand corner of the message window.