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Best Practices for Changing Program Status?

Question asked by Marisa Rybar on Oct 13, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2015 by Caryl Mostacho

Up until now, I have been changing the program status of my leads involved in smart campaigns. However, today I am scheduling an email to go out tomorrow morning to invite prospects to download a guide, through which they would need to click on a link that directed them to a landing page in the same program.


Since I set this up as a web program (because I have shared it out in other places besides this email push tomorrow morning), I am not able to add a flow step to my email push tomorrow to Change Program Status > Email Blast > Sent.


Now that's got me thinking. Have I been adding an extra, unnecessary flow step all along? How does it affect me when I change a program status to Email Blast > Sent? Is it included in a specific report? If not, couldn't I just pull a smart list or look at the batch results to view leads included in an email push?


I'm curious how other people approach this and what best practices are around it.


Thank you all in advance for your feedback!