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Incognito window for lead capture at trade shows?

Question asked by 1b1a5142f57b46a5619e4db261e2d7cb8a5dd249 on Oct 13, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2015 by Dan Stevens.

We're developing forms/landing page to capture leads at events & trade shows. We've noticed a bit of a lag within our internal processes from the time a lead is captured on the trade show floor to the time the lead is followed up with by our sales team.


The vision for this project is that attendees will fill out the form at the show to be entered into our drawing. This form will mostly be for leads that we do not suspect they are currently interested in our service (they may just want our awesome prize). However, there will be a check box on the form that will allow the lead to self identify as a true lead which will then be routed to our sales team.


We also have a second form that our reps will fill out with true MQLs at the show, which will pass the lead over to our CRM (SFDC) within 5 minutes of completing the form. This form allows the rep to collect more information about the lead before passing it over to our sales team. It is also not customer-facing friendly.


Both forms will be filled out on the trade show floor using iPads.


So the question is....


We want to be sure the lead does not get cookied with the iPad's information because we have various scoring campaigns set up based on pages visited on our website. Our thought was to use an incognito window for form submission.


Is there any way to avoid opening up a new incognito window after every form submission?


Or is there a way to have the follow up URL create a new incognito window with a clean lead submission form?