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    Difference between salesforce campaign sync and add/change statut




      Can you explain me the difference between "salesforce campaign sync" in the campaign setup and the steps flow "add to sfdc campaign" and "change statut in sfdc campaign"



      If the final result is the same, what is the better practice?



      And finally, what happens if I use them both? Conflicts?

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          Grégoire Michel

          Bonjour Maxime,


          The result looks the same, yet :

          • The salesforce campaign sync is implicit and has the advantage that you do not have to think about it. You set up the sync between one program and a SFDC campaigns and Marketo will take care of it for you
          • The Salesforce campaign sync only works when the program in Marketo and the campaign in SFDC have the same possible member statuses. If you create the SFDC campaign from Marketo, Marketo takes care of this for you.
          • One common error is to set up the campaign in SFDC first, set the member status (or keep the default ones) then set the program in Marketo with a channel which statuses are different from the campaign. In this case the sync will fail. Thus is why we always recommend that you first create the program, then create the SFDC campaign from Marketo and then edit the campaign in SFDC
          • The "Add to SFDC campaign" and "change status in SFDC campaign" should be used only in the other cases, when you want to add a second campaign to the lead or when the statuses are different, since you can choose the member statuses as you want in this case.
          • One of the cases were the 2 flow steps are useful is when you have parent and child campaigns in salesforce and you want specifically the leads to go in one or another child campaign, based on source, for instance.


          Hope this helps,

          - Gregoire

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