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    Marketo and GoToWebinar Form

    Rachel Egan

      My team successfully set up GoToWebinar with our Marketo account and we are using the GoToWebinar form, NOT a Marketo form, for registering for an upcoming webinar. Whenever we test run the registration form, the field data (first, last, email) isn't pulled into Marketo. Is there a step I'm missing? Do I HAVE to use a Marketo form instead of GTW?

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          Josh Hill

          Yes, you MUST use a Marketo form and page to register people on GTW and Webex if you want the automation to work.


          When they fill out the form, you will first set them to REgistered in the Program, then send the confirmation email. It's all in the docs:

          Create an Event with GotoWebinar - Marketo Docs - Product Docs


          The way you are doing it now means you have to export from GTW after the event and then re-import the list to the correct statuses.

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            Grégoire Michel

            HI Rachel,


            Are you synchronizing your Marketo program with your GTW event? Normally, it might work but as Josh said, it's not the good practice. Other issues with the way you do it is that you cannot capture anything else than basic fields.


            Not only your should use a Marketo form, but you should also pay attention not sending 2 confirmation or 2 reminders emails, one from Marketo, the other from GTW. The best practice is to handle it all in Marketo, so in GTW, you will have to deactivate confirmations and reminder. If you want to have a registration approval, you should also handle it in Marketo, with Program statuses, not in GTW.