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    How to make the stream work



      I'm having a problem with the stream.


      I loaded all the emails to the stream, added the transition rules and activited all emails. The test stream works so looks like I'm good to go.


      However, I don't know how to send the stream to my smartlist. There is no button saying "send the stream" or "send series of emails". Looks like we are only able to test it. Once I've done that, how do i make it work and send it to my smartlist ?


      Thank you for your help

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          John Clark

          Hi Marion,


          You won't actually send the stream to your leads.  Instead, you add your leads to the stream through a separate smart campaign.

          Basically, you'll want to create a new smart campaign and use whatever filters necessary in the smart list to pick out all of the leads you want to add to the Engagement Program.  Then, in the flow, you'll use the flow step called Add To Engagement Program.

          Once you run the campaign then all of those leads will be added to the stream, and the next time there is a cast from that stream they will each receive whatever new content is in the stream.



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