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Review of the Marketo/Outlook Plugin for Sales Reps in Salesforce (email analytics)

Question asked by 7d34727a5d5ec1b485e2c39d8d86cb9e4d3947d2 on Oct 9, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2015 by Josh Hill

As I was installing the Marketo Sales Insight feature in Salesforce I noticed there was also a Marketo Plugin for Outlook. My assumption is that Sales Reps can send personal emails to contacts and have the analytics tracked via Marketo (opens, clicks, etc) and it will show up in the Sales Insight App in Salesforce. Is there anyone who is using this feature that can share their experience with it? There are a lot of email analytic solutions out there, but the thought of this activity bundled with the marketing activity for a consolidated view in Salesforce via the Sales Insight App might be efficient. I guess I'm wondering if there is anyone who uses this and loves it, and anyone who would caution me against it.