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    List of fields that get populated for ANONYMOUS visitors

    Dan Stevens

      We're running a targeted, online ad campaign (only 100 named accounts).  The click-thru URL has a variety of Google UTM parameters included.  However, those only get fed into Marketo when we drive users to a gated page with a form.  Our current campaign is driving users directly to a landing page with a link to download the content.  So everyone is anonymous at this point.  What I'd like to do is setup a trigger campaign that sends a real-time alert to the account executive whenever someone clicks on the banner and arrives to our Marketo landing pages.  Therefore I need to know what data Marketo captures as part of the anonymous lead record so that I can define the appropriate triggers.  Would "inferred company" be my only option here?  "Original Referrer" would work for first time users - but that won't always be the case.