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    Managing lists approved for only one-time send

      We receive lists from conferences that we're only allowed to email once. Does anyone have insight into how best to handle these one-time sends without cluttering Marketo and Salesforce? We'd like to track the ones that become MQLs and SQLs but would like to clear out the rest after a certain period of time. Would be interested in hearing how others handle this situation. Thanks!

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          Jeff Smith

          You could have a flow like this this:


          Send Email --> Change Data Value (Marketing Suspended is True) --> Wait Step (however long you think is appropriate) --> Remove from Flow (if Status is MQL or SQL, for example) --> Delete


          Your processes might call for something different, but I would think it would be similar and would involve preventing them from receiving further emails, a wait step, and an eventual deletion if they haven't progressed. Can you still call them? May be worth holding on to them a little longer in order to see if they visit your website or something.

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              Thank you! It's possible that the lead already existed in Marketo/SFDC before we did the import so I worry about deleting those. Any way to exclude deleting if they already existed?

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                Josh Hill

                This is a good setup.


                I would do something more like

                • Add to List (import) so we know who they are
                • Separate out people who are net new and should not email more than once. (dedupe)
                • Member of Program / Change Status
                • Email Once (this assumes that the person and event agreed to let you do this, so I would check your contracts and the event's process for acquiring opt in consent).
                • Set to Marketing Suspended or use a special flag or include them in a Suppression Smart List at this stage. The only concern I have with using Marketing Suspended is that they can still get Operational emails and in this case, they probably should not.
                • The email should try to encourage them to OPT IN to something.
                • If they opt in, they are unsuspended
                • A separate flow or smart list can check if the MQLs occur and move them to a Keep list.
                • Everyone else could be removed later.


                Part of this depends on your lifecycle process as well. It may be worth keeping the names for prospecting as long as you suppress them.

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