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    WebEx integration - how to change default lead source to Webinar and not Event Partner

    Nina Valtcheva

      When net new leads who attend our webinars on WebEx flow back in to the webinar program in Marketo that is synced to the WebEx event, their lead source gets defaulted to Event Partner when it should be Webinar. I have a smart campaign fixing this (and it's a small issue because most of our leads use the Marketo hosted webinar LP and form to register, but there is a small percentage of leads who most likely get the WebEx link forwarded from a coworker and register directly on WebEx to attend the webinar). I am looking for a way to see if the Marketo/WebEx integration can be set up so that the default lead source for net new leads coming in from WebEx is Webinar. Does anybody know if this is possible?

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          Kristen Malkovich

          Hi Nina,


          That's an interesting issue; I used webex for a number of years and didn't have that happen but I think it might be because I set up my programs in WebEx pretty 'strictly'. Here's what you could do to alleviate this:

          1) Don't allow the webex registration page to show up (there's a setting on the backend of webex when you set this/all your webinars up)

          2) Use the custom URLs so that each person logging in CAN'T share their URL

          3) Enable forward to a friend on the invite, and even registration page with an additional link to the marketo landing page


          I did all of my webinars through webex this way and always had my lead source as 'webinar' (mostly because it was passing on the hidden field for the form and without the custom URL people couldn't enter).


          If that doesn't work, then it sounds like having a batch campaign at the end of every webinar for each acquired lead to be changed to 'webinar' is worthwhile.


          I'd also check out the direct integration point in Marketo as well as contact your WebEx admin to see if they can change anything about the integration on their end.

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