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    Seeking Marketo Management Consultant/Freelancer

      We are a Shreveport, LA-based workforce management company that has been using Marketo for almost a year now, but have yet to get the engine running on all cylinders due to lack of resources.  We are looking to hire a freelancer or consultant to manage Marketo for our organization, including but not limited to Program, Nuture Stream, and database management, as well as creation of landing pages, forms, marketing and sales emails, etc. so that we can maximize the full potential of our investment. 

      We need someone who is a Marketo expert and can help us create successful Programs and Campaigns to increase engagement and sales.  We would like someone who close to where we are, but will work with anyone who has similar hours to us.

      If you're interested, please contact me in this post and we can make arrangement to talk over the phone.


      Rachel Maner
      APS - www.apspayroll.com