Email performance metrics - the basics

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How many people opened my email?


I had someone from my Marketo User Group ask me a question the other day. I figured if one person had this question other people probably had it too. There’s more than one way to skin a cat (such a gruesome saying... poor cat). The method below is just one method. 


So here we go…


To get the reporting you want from Marketo, you must first set up the program appropriately. I prefer to use “default” programs for most of the programs I build. I feel like there are some limitations with the other program types when it comes to reporting.


Within your default program, create your email and smart campaign.


To create your report, right click on your program and select “new local asset”. You will then select “report”. To get metrics on opens, select the “email performance report”. Rename the report (if you’d like).


Once that is created you can select the “setup” tab to configure the report appropriately. For your settings, select the correct date range. In your filters, you’ll need to select the program associated with the email you want metrics on.


When the report setup is complete, select the “report” tab. The tab will populate the following information:

  • Sent
  • Delivered
  • % Delivered
  • Hard Bounces
  • Soft Bounces
  • Pending
  • Open
  • % Open
  • Clicks
  • CTR
  • Unsubscribes
  • % Unsubscribe


From here you’re able to export the information into a CSV file.


Another reason I like this report is the “smart list” capability. On the “smart list” tab, you can add additional filters to refine your report – by line of business, location, etc.


If you don’t need to add special filters, you can find the same metrics within the first tab of the smart list campaign that sent the email out. Just click on the “email” tab. You’re able to export the data from there too.