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One Time Login for leads

Question asked by 998609fd2a37eecddeffd04290c000a65e07533b on Oct 6, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2015 by Kenny Elkington

Some Background:


So I use marketo to manage most of the content and registration, while another CMS system manages the web end. For users to get to our content, we require that they register with a marketo form, so that we can track and send relevant content to them later. All pretty standard stuff. But we have a ton of content, and requiring users to fill out a form every time they want to access this content seems extremely redundant.


So the question, is there any way to link data they fill out to a Social Media profile or create login profiles, so that they either have to click a button and it pass the info on and auto registers them, or have the registration page recognize the login profile and skip the registration page altogether, while updating the lead score to reflect that they registered for the content (by using a meta tag or something)?


Basically, they fill the form out once and never have to again to access all the rest of the content, but all of their clicks are recorded in their lead file in marketo?