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Recap and deck from the last SVMUG meeting -- Thanks Dan!

Question asked by 6a326ceaf3efac9c3d86fc2b17b170c0b2451b13 on Oct 5, 2015

Thanks to Marketo Champ Dan Reed from Spear Marketing Group for a great presentation both on using Marketo forms to capture data from surveys and some cool ways to use concatenation.


Attached is the deck from his talk.  It outlines the ability to HTTP post data to Marketo from a 3rd party system in such a way that it shows up as a Marketo form fill-out in activity logs.  Therefore it leverages all the usual triggers and filters.  Pretty cool stuff.


As we do at most meetings, we also talked about Marketing Technologies.   Here are some of the companies that people talked about:





LookbookHQ — binge on content



On24 - webinars - record before with live Q&As


Sigstr — Email signature for the whole company

Spiderbook — semantically understands the things people are talking about on the web

Persado — review subject lines



Hope to see you at the next one in November!