Anyone dealt with IT General Controls in Marketo?

Discussion created by 807673794004d7cc46e6fe53d5beb6b5176e1cd9 on Oct 5, 2015

If you're in a public company (Marketo employees, I'm looking at you!) how do you deal with IT General Controls? Our IT team has already put in place controls for Salesforce and now we are gearing up for Marketo. In this set up there must be a Requester, Authorizer, Developer, Implementer and Reviewer. The Requester and Authorizer must be two different people so it can get tricky in Marketo if you're the admin and need to create an new scoring smart campaign - you can't authorize something you request/develop/implement. Obviously, the foundation is there to have other people reviewing your work and following best practice but it's not easy to set up in Marketo.


Has anyone dealt with this? If so, did you manage it in Marketo or another tool?