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"Attendee List Unavailable"

Question asked by Peter Kosmal on Oct 3, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2015 by Jonathan Wu

Hey all,


We run Webinars through Webex and sync them to Marketo. We've run many of these with minimal problems, but we recently ran a webinar and none of our program members have transferred from "Registered" to "Attended" or "No-Shows". I've tried the action "refresh from webinar provider" under "event actions" and I get a "no updates" message. Furthermore, the event status is stuck at "attendee list unavailable". I've checked on our Webex site and I can pull the attendee list, so I know Webex is done processing who came and who didn't come to the webinar. I'm not sure why it's not syncing. Anyone else have this problem? I came across a document labelled "Readytalk for Marketo Adapter" but all I can find about the "attendee list unavailable status" is this message: "Attendee List Unavailable – Event end date has passed and no attendee list is available within the normal timeframe. It’s rare for an event to show this status." Not super helpful can anyone help me out?