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    Any best practice on how to collect data from stakeholders to set up a Digital Campaign ?

    Harun Pinto

      Hello Marketo community,


      Does anyone have a best practice to share with me on how to collect data from my internal stakeholders to set up a Digital Campaign in Marketo?

      I am looking for the key parameters to be gathered  and set up a form to standardize the collection of the data necessary to create a new campaign.



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          John Clark

          Hi Harun,


          What kind of data are you collecting?  Just contact info, or something more sensitive?


          If it's just Name, Email, Phone, etc you could put together a form with the fields you want, put the form on a Marketo landing page, and then send them the link to the page and ask them to fill out the form.  You'd want to have a trigger campaign setup to fire when the form was filled out and add them to a list, or send an email to verify their info was received, whatever you'd like to do with that.  Then you'd have all their information on a list you could use for future campaigns.


          It's not recommended that you gather any kind of sensitive information in your Marketo forms, like passwords, as that information does not get encrypted.



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            We have used an excel based form where we capture the following information:


            Program Channel : Email Send/ Tradeshow/ Roadshow/Webinar etc..



            -- Date and Time of Send

            -- From Name, From Email Address

            -- List criteria


            Landing Pages:

            -- Any associated landing pages required and also if they are tied to any emails



            -- Form fields


            It can definitely get overwhelming when you start to include triggers in the picture so we always suggest that end users share  a pictorial flow along with the excel. Hope that helps.

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                Harun Pinto

                Thanks a lot Harjot. I would be really interested to structure a little bit the information gathering from stakeholders depending their objectives with the campaign they would like me to set up.I appreciate your best practice sharing


                Kind Regards,


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                    David Desrosiers

                    Hi Harun, I've tried to put a short document together based on what we use here.

                    I might have missed a few elements, but I think that it should provide a good starting point.





                    Marketing Program Brief


                    Chose a program name.



                    The general purpose of your program.


                    Briefly describe the context and background of the campaign.


                    SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-Bound) outcomes that your program is trying to attain .


                    Target Audience(s) / Target Persona(s) :

                    Describe Specific Segments, Personas, Firmographics, Demographics, Psychographic, Lead Lifecycle Stages or other unique aspects of your target audience. Keep it simple here - stick to what will have an impact on the way you should communicate to the and and/or the way you expect them to respond to your program.

                    Date Submitted:

                    Date that the campaign request was submitted.

                    Run Date(s):

                    Date at which the campaign will run (from - to)

                    Success Metrics:

                    How will you track each objective? N of new leads? Conversion $?


                    Describe the tools and data point to use to track success metrics


                    What marketing channels should be used?

                    Content & Messaging:

                    Describe your content and messaging strategy

                    Messaging Workflow:

                    Describe the flow of activity & communications in a simple chart.


                    Creative Briefs:

                    Add link to assets creative briefs.

                    Sales and Marketing Alignment:

                    If applicable, when and how will be transferred to sales? Is it aligned with current lead lifecycle flows?

                    CRM & Systems Integration:

                    Do you need a campaign set up in Salesforce or other CRM/Tool? How will it be hooked up?

                    Sales Enablement:

                    What role will sales play in the program? Is there tools or training needed for sales team?


                    Marketo Requirements:

                    Program Type(s) & Program Channels:

                    Select the program channel(s) to use in this program

                    • Email - Email Blast
                    • Engagement - Nurturing
                    • Operational
                    • Event - Tradeshow
                    • Event - Webinar
                    • Standard - Website Content Download
                    • Standard - Website Gated Content
                    • Direct Mail
                    • Etc,

                    Program Costs

                    Period 1; Cost 1Period 2; Cost 2Period 3; Cost 3

                    Required Assets:

                    • Email (s)
                    • Landing page (s)
                    • Form (s)
                    • Follow-up page (s)
                    • Copy
                    • Visual assets
                    • Video
                    • Etc,

                    Centralized Lists & Reports


                    • Define target audience; criterias for smartlists, triggers & filters to be used to target your audience
                    • Define exclusion criteria; leads to exclude from program
                    • Define internal list; employees and internal stakeholders to be included as observers


                    • Define criterias to build program performance reports
                    • Define report subscriptions


                    Marketo Program Build Specifications


                    Campaign and Flow Steps Definition in Marketo


                    Technical Flow

                    Campaign Name

                    Run Type: System defined rules

                    Trigger(s): (Changes lead lifecycle stage: lifecycle stage is Known)

                    Constraint(s): N/A

                    Flow(s): Change Lead Status: Lead Status is Prospect

                    Campaign Name 2Complete with additional campains


                    Delivery Plan - Timing and Resources




                    Delivery Date

                    Program Specifications

                    Program Brief



                    Program Specifications

                    Program Specifications



                    Marketo Build




                    Marketo Build

                    Tests - QA




                    Email 1




                    Item 1



                    Name:_____________________________________ Title: ______________________ Date: ________________

                    Name:_____________________________________ Title: ______________________ Date: ________________

                    Name:_____________________________________ Title: ______________________ Date: ________________

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