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What do you recommend for year-end housecleaning?

Question asked by Margaret Allen on Oct 2, 2015

What does everybody do to clear the cobwebs out of the system at year end? I'm impressed by the amount of clutter even a small installation can generate. I've created a list of tasks below to create a simplified and clean interface for 2016.


  • Deleted never-launched campaigns in the work folder.
  • Exported my undeliverable list and deleted confirmed bad contacts.
  • Audited templates and files and archived anything no longer in use.
  • Ran filters to identify leads missing vital data and clearing that up.
  • Found all the running programs I had documented, spot-checked them for relevance and added a couple stragglers to the documentation.


What did I miss? What do you like to do at year end to create a solid foundation for the next year? Add your suggestions to the discussion!