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    Removal of old tutorials?

      Hi there,


      I'm briefing my developer team to build a non-Marketo landing page and on this I'd like to have a Marketo form. I found this tutorial which I wanted to follow however most - if not all - of the links on this page redirect to Marketo Nation home. Have these tutorials been removed or do they live somewhere else? Or are there more recent tutorials to follow? I found this via the search function so would hope that the most relevant tutorials appeared first ...


      Thanks in advance.

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          Philip Tieu

          Hi Nicola,


          To answer your question, all of those links were supposed to jump to different parts of the same page showing both instructions and screenshots with the exception of the topics pertaining to Landing Pages. Unfortunately, those #links are not updated but the instructions are still there while the screenshots are not. As for the content for Landing Pages. If you're already logged in, you can find Creating Forms with Forms 2.0 and Building Landing Pages on the Marketo University learning portal. Otherwise, please search using "forms" or "landing pages" as your keywords. Hope this helps Feel free to reach out to me if you need anything!