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Marketo Email Templates: Possible to layer editable sections?

Question asked by Alexis D'Alba on Sep 30, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2016 by Gina Powers

Hey there, 


I'm curious to see if anyone in the community has an email template with an editable section layered on top of another editable section.

We would like to start adding the title of our newsletters over our hero images, however, we're not sure if this is possible using marketo templates.

Right now in order to do this we have to upload the image with the text as part of the image. This is not ideal for he following reasons:


1. The text on the images is not live; therefore the title is not searchable.

2. If there's a copy change we need to upload a whole new image instead of easily tweaking it in the editor.


Please let me know if anyone has an recommendations/ know if this is possible.