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SFDC picklist values not available in Forms 2.0 hidden field autofill

Question asked by 31e3b89422195efca84f52376af6b74bf87c0f40 on Sep 30, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2015 by John Clark

When I create a new picklist value in an SFDC field the picklist value is not available in the form admin (when creating a hidden field with default autofill value). It IS avaialble in a smart campaign flow step "data value change" though...


So once I send one of my test dummy leads through a smart campaign and use the "change data value" flow step with the picklist value selected, I can now see the value in the form admin for this field.


So the workaround is there and functions fine but this seems awkward... is this a documented situation by Marketo? does anyone else have this issue? any other workarounds people have found? maybe I am missing a basic fundamental?