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    Problems making a Segment with list

    Tomoe Morimoto

      Hi all I am having problems with leads not showing up in  segments.


      I created a segmentation specifying a specific Member of list.

      To my understanding, if a new member is added to that specific list  the people in that specified segment will increase as well.

      Unfortunately, leads are not increasing  in the segment.  I checked the actual list in the segment and  I have lots of members who should in the specific segment.

      What am I doing wrong?  Do I need to contact support?


      I do not want to build a custom field to specify the smart list since I have too many custom fields but do I have no choice?

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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Tomoe,


          Yes, your understanding is correct. Now, the fact that your segment is not increasing can come from a faulty implementation of the segmentation. Sorry for the basic question : have you approved the draft of your segmentation ?


          If so, have a look at one of the leads that should be in the segment and is not and check 2 things :

          • Which segment it belongs on the "lead info" tab
          • Segmentation changes in the activity log

          These 2 infos may enable you to troubleshoot your segmentation setup.


          Next step will be to log a ticket to support.


          Hope this helps,


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            Dory Viscogliosi

            Hi Tomoe, it's also worth noting that a person can only segment of each segmentation, and the first segment that a person qualifies for will be their segment.


            For example: if your segment was shapes, and the following were your segments (in order):








            By definition, a square is always a rectangle, so the segment of square would actually be empty. If you wanted square to be more important than rectangle, you'd have to make sure that it had a higher "priority" in the segments list. Relating this back to your issue, if someone is already in a segment that has a higher priority, even if they join that list in the other segment, their segment won't change. You have to make sure that your segments are created in order of importance.

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              Josh Hill

              I believe that using Member of List is a poor choice here. What trigger is adding that person to the list? You should replicate that criteria for each Segment's conditions per what Dory suggests.


              Yes, you can use Member of List as a criteria, but that sort of defeats the purpose of making things move faster.

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                Tomoe Morimoto

                Hi Greg,


                Yes, The segment is approved. 3 days ago I had only 3 leads and none in the  3 lists that I have 3 different segments as of today I have over 10 leads added to list. but none of the leads are added to the sementation and the members in the list of the segmention has not changed when the list in marketing activities has changed..


                priority I have set up is 

                1 priorty leads in both list AB uses  will use email signiture A

                2nd priority leads in A   will use email signiturere A

                3rd priority leads only in B priority leads in B

                4th priority leads that are not in either list will be sent out in email signiture C.




                Hi Josh.


                The trigger is adding each customer to a specific segement to change the  From email adress, signature block and header for the the news letter .depending on the specific group the customer is in.


                I will just call the segements A,B,C,D since the groups are named in japanese.

                for the news letter list A, the leads are added to list upon fill out form, news letter list B is added upon list import from marketing,

                news letter list C is for leads in both list A and B. and news letter group D is for all leads that are not in group A,B or C.



                It seems that segmentations using custom object data doesn't work corecctly I assument the option for this will be add or deleated in list.


                Segmentations Using Custom Object Data

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                    Grégoire Michel

                    Hi again Tomoe,


                    As the segmentation is based on past behavior and you cannot use lead history to compute segments, I understand why you want to use lists. As Josh said, I personally would have preferred to create a field and populated it with a "change data value" in your trigger and then I would have based the segmentation on this field value instead of a list.


                    I understand the purpose of your segmentation is to use dynamic content. You probably already know it : whatever the segmentation, a lead will always be either in one segment or in the default. So, from what I also read, you should only need 2 segments (in addition to default) and 2 lists :

                    • 1st segment : member of list A (they will receive email version A). As this is the first segment, as Dory pointed out, whether or not they belong to list B in not important, because first segment will be evaluated first.
                    • 2nd segment : member of list B (They will receive email version B)

                    You will also have the default segment, not member of A neither B, who will receive email version C


                    The fact that you have more than 2 segments make me believe the segmentation is not set up correctly, but this pure guess, so I might as well be wrong.


                    Please look at one of the leads that have been added to list A or B today. Open the activity log and search for the time stamp of the import. Soon after this, you should see in the activity information about segmentation computation. It will let you know in which segment your lead has been assigned. If no segmentation info changes, and you are sure that the segmentation is set up correctly, call support :-)


                    Hope this helps,


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                    Kristen Malkovich

                    Instead of creating a variety of static lists, why don't you just create a custom field, and when the list is updated, the custom field is populated (or just a checkbox that's checked), then when you create your segmentations, they can be based off the field.


                    In my experience, the 'added to list' is not the most stable integration. Also keep in mind that segmentations update every 24 hours so that might be why there's a delay.

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