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Are there specific directions for setting up forms when using the SOAP & Javascript API method?

Question asked by cfee201a4413b19f1d6f3b1782a4149da2d92f6b on Sep 29, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2015 by cfee201a4413b19f1d6f3b1782a4149da2d92f6b

We are attempting to use the SOAP and Javascript API method to get form submissions from our website into Marketo since we had some issues with using the embed code option. Are there specific instructions on how the Marketo form needs to be setup when using this method?


I built the Marketo form and Smart Campaign according to normal practice and then our developer used the Marketo module in Drupal with the form ID to set up the communication. The form submits and generates leads using SOAP and the JS API. However, the lead is not showing up in the results of the Campaign where the Marketo form is located and it's not triggering the Smart Campaign to generate a response email and an alert email.


We submitted a support case for assistance but unfortunately Marketo does not provide support for Drupal modules. Do anyone have experience with this? I'd like to first ensure that I've done everything correctly on the Marketo side for using this method. Any ideas or articles on this?