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Change Program Status to "Not in program" removes Acquisition Program info?

Question asked by 6279ceb43f9dbc85943a0cf6cd68026d830bf51a on Sep 28, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2015 by 6279ceb43f9dbc85943a0cf6cd68026d830bf51a

I'm looking at leads with an empty acquisition program and it seems that some leads had one but that field is empty now. I looked into the lead activity and noticed that there was a "Change Program Status" from "Engaged" to "Not in program" for the specific program that is listed as Registration Source.

I guess that can be the reason the Acquisition Program is now empty since the lead is no longer a member of the program that initially acquired it. Anyone can confirm that?

I can't find what triggered the Change Program Status to Not in program, is it something done automatically by Marketo?