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    Viewing E-mail Opens

    Conway Taylor

      What is the best way to go about viewing e-mail opens? I sent an e-mail out at 8:30 AM and I am still unable to see the results. How long does it usually take to be able to see the results of a sent e-mail?


      Is there a way to speed up the process?


      Thank you!


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          Dory Viscogliosi

          Hi Taylor, are you looking for the "who" opened the email? Or just the overall results?


          You can get the overall results from several locations: email performance reports and your smart campaign that you used to send the email being the easiest.


          To see who opened the email, you can create a smart list that says "Opened email" and use any appropriate constraints.


          If you're showing something like this in the email results, then definitely reach out to support.

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            John Clark

            If you're looking at a dashboard for either an Email Program or Engagement Program, keep in mind that these can take some time to calculate all of the stats.  Email Programs are usually fairly quick, but Engagement Program dashboards have to wait for around 72 hours because a lot of the information they display depends on what actions your leads take with the email that's just been sent, and there needs to be time for them to take those actions and get a decent sample.



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              Josh Hill

              +1 to all above.


              In general, it is a good idea to not look at these stats for 72 hours because that's when 90% of the people who will ever engage, do so. You can go into RCE and look at  the Click Decay or Open Decay report to see that drop off. If you don't have RCE, there are good proofs on the web, if you don't believe me

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