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Salesforce / Marketo Duplicate Lead Challenges

Question asked by 0da13f8f99fb3d9f008b2714dc10e4f6087e7a31 on Sep 25, 2015
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I've read a few of the other discussions around the topic of duplicate leads but I wanted to share a specific example for feedback.


When forms are completed on our website, we send all of the lead information into Marketo but withhold certain leads from syncing with Salesforce. There are certain forms that are great to go directly to the sales team in Salesforce right away and others that we'd rather keep in Marketo, nurture and score them, and then send them into Salesforce once their score hits a certain number.


The challenge we have is that we get a lot of phone calls as part of our sales process. We sell custom-designed closet systems via and many leads end up calling to ask specific design related questions as they design their closet using our online design tool. In many situations, the lead is sitting in Marketo but hasn't reached a high enough score to be sent to Salesforce. The lead then picks up the phone, calls our sales team, and the sales person doesn't see them in Salesforce and manually created a lead record. That Salesforce lead then pushes back into Marketo, creating a duplicate in Marketo. To make matters worse, the existing lead in Marketo then ultimately reaches the lead score to pass them into Salesforce and sends them into Salesforce, duplicating the lead there too and assigning them to a completely different sales person. We end up with 2 records in Marketo and 2 in Salesforce, each assigned to a different owner. Lots of confusion and manual merging going on as we address these on the fly.


Any way we could prevent this from happening? The only thing we can think of on our end would be to pass 100% of our leads from Marketo into Salesforce, preventing those with lead scores below a certain number from being assigned and assigning those that are above our score threshold. We'd have to build some logic into Salesforce to make the scoring assignment happen there instead of in Marketo but at least the leads would be in Salesforce for the sales team to find when someone calls in. Is that our best option or has anyone used a different workaround?