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    Building a New Engagement Scoring Program

      Does anyone have a good resources they used when determining how many points should be attributed to lead activities?

      I'm not sure how many points to assign to activities like registering for a webinar or clicking on a link in an email.

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          Josh Hill

          It's up to you.


          I have a shameless plug for my method at marketingrockstarguides.com if you look up lead scoring or my Guide. The essence is to weight each behavior against what Sales would find enough on its own to call them up.


          examples, which are commonly used:

          • Visits web page +1
          • Clicks Link in Email +2
          • Unsubscribes -2
          • Good Title +5  etc...
          • Attends Webinar +20


          you can try to scale these against 100 points if that helps, but I find that ends up creating a lot of trouble later.