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Need advice/help on transitioning large amounts of landing pages to new templates

Question asked by Lauren Beth on Sep 24, 2015
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My company is going through a brand refresh and have several new templates to implement in our instance.  These templates will affect probably around 250 landing pages varying in scope from thank you pages to major hubs for content.  We are trying to make this transition as easy as possible.  Our first thought was just to clone and update each page but in our testing the updated page requires significant amounts of time on adjustments and fixes.  Our old templates were very, very basic and our new templates are responsive, have CSS, etc.  The only possible solution we can see is building new pages from scratch within the programs using as many tokens as possible and then switch the urls to the new pages. This actually seems like it would be faster than cloning.  Is this crazy?  Are we crazy? Anyone gone through something of this size before without pulling their hair out?


I'd also like to take into consideration ways we in which we can make these pages more amendable in the future to any other brand changes the company goes through.  I'm assuming tokens obviously but when it comes to style and CSS I'm not sure we have other options.


Your suggestions, ideas and tips on making this as easy a process as possible would be very welcome.  Thank you!