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What does it mean to add a Constraint to a "Has Opportunity is False" filter?

Question asked by Matthew Barnett on Sep 23, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2015 by 3bc4b0c911f1534d2d852b564e62515d53b49017

I'm playing with ways to set up smartlists based on Opportunity filters, and was wondering what the expected behavior is when "Has Opportunity"is set to false and additional Constraints are then selected.


Are the Constraints entirely superfluous, and the results would be only leads that do not have any Opportunity?


Or does this provide a way to in fact filter out only leads that have Opportunities which meet certain conditions? E.g., adding a constraint of Status = Active to Has Opportunity is False would exclude any leads with active opportunities from the smartlist.


And if the former, how does one achieve the latter result (i.e., of excluding leads with active opps from a smartlist)?