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    How is Checkboxes data stored? How can Checkboxes data be picked up in Smart List Flows?



      I’m having trouble figuring out how to get Checkboxes data to transfer into Smart List flows to help trigger different actions as well as transmit data to our Salesforce reps.


      On a form I am building, I am utilizing a mandatory Checkboxes field where there are four options (A, B, C, D) and at least one checkbox needs to be ticked. If checkboxes A and C are checked, how is that info stored in a field in Marketo? Ideally, I’d like our Salesforce reps to see that A and C were checked. We would also send specific follow-up email messaging based on the checkboxes selected.


      I tried making a Smart List that would write these selected values to their own fields, but I don’t see any way for the Smart List Flow to update user data based on Checkboxes field selections – all I see is the initial form field but no pre-population of the checkbox options I put into the form.


      I could make the individual form checkbox fields A, B, C, and D and align them so they appear to be one set of checkboxes, but I’m not sure how I’d trigger the logic so that at least one field is mandatory as it can be programed in the native checkboxes field.


      Manually checking a lead’s activity history isn’t ideal since I’d like to be able to report on checkbox field selections through some type of export.

      I did some brief searching in the forums here, but couldn’t find a specific answer to this use case. Any recommendations would be appreciated.