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    Webinar Registration Order: Time/Date Registration


      I am trying to report on the order/volume and recency that people register for our webinars. What's the best way to assess when someone changes their Program Status to Webinar > Registered? That would help me a lot with sorting by the most recent registrations, analyze waht time/date we get the most registrations, etc.

      I have the lead "Updated" field as a good proxy, but it would be overwritten if that person does anything else. 

      Can anyone advise? I don't want to create a custom field just for this....

      Thanks! ;-)
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          Matt Stone
          There might be a better way of doing this, but here's the only ways I know of (none of which are really ideal):
          •           Membership Trend or Membership by Week tabs: Look at your registration smart campaign that includes the flow action of changing the program status. On the overview screen, you'll see two tabs that will show you different charts of membership over time.
          •           Export the program's results: On that same smart campaign, you can go into the Results section and see all the log items. This includes everyone who has run through the campaign and all of the flow actions, but it also includes timestamps. You'd need to export this list and manipulate it to only show you status changes.
          •           Smart list(s) with date constraints: You could set up one or many smart lists with the criteria of "Program Status was Changed" and then add a date of activity constraint. You'd just have to play with the constraint to get the information you want.
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                 Thanks so much Matt.

                 The campaign results option is pretty good. It's a shame that the filtering options for the list are not more flexible...

                 Thanks though!


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              Hi Gorka,

              If you have the Select edition or RCA product add-on, you can create a Program Membership Analysis report like the one below:


              More details here:  https://community.marketo.com/MarketoResource?id=kA650000000GxMzCAK