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Marketo Integration with Drupal

Question asked by 9b65e3bf8701a715d5c026248c14a837fb8574e6 on May 2, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2015 by 17f06747d9d2b34b11255f648838d0e327f8a415

     Hi all,

     I've done a lot of searching but have yet to come across a definite answer.

     We are using the Marketo module for Drupal. What we want to do is build forms on our site (without Forms 2.0), send the results to Marketo, and have the new lead be a member of the Program for the form they filled out. I have it working so leads are sent over to Marketo, however I can't figure out how to have those names fall into the program, they are injected straight into the Lead Database.

     I hope this clear, any guidance would be greatly appreciated and I can offer clarifcation if it is need.