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    Engagement Program: New Program or Stream

      We’re in the process of making our nurture streams more targeted based on progressive profiling data. Right now, our lead nurture flow is fairly generic, with all leads receiving the same content.  We’re planning to add in “industry” on our progressive profiling forms within our generic nurture stream, and then redirect the leads to an industry specific flow once we have that data.  In addition to our lead nurture flow, we also have a few other nurture flows a person could be a part of (customer, closed lost, etc.).  I’m wondering if I should have separate engagement programs or just one.  Right now we’re currently using smart campaigns for our nurture programs, but are planning to transition to engagement programs. Originally I thought:


      Engagement program 1: Lead nurturing with generic + industry specific streams (leads will need to exit program based on status (became customer, has an opp, etc.)

      Engagement 2: Customer stream – streams based on product

      Engagement 3: Closed lost stream

      And so on…


      If you think there’s a better way to do this please let me know.  Could I set up individual programs within a stream based on industry – so we could have a prospect stream and then a program for each industry?  Is there an easy way to have people exit an engagement program (i.e. prospect becomes customer, exits lead program to go to customer program).