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    Lead Feed for any records

      Hi there. My understanding is that the lead feed in Marketo Sales Insight is based on records owned by the person iwho is logged in. Is there a way to customize the feed so that Sales can subscribe/receive email alerts for records not owned by them?
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          Kim Allen
          Hey Michelle! I agree, I think that you have to own the leads. But they could add these leads to the watch list if they wanted... this way they can still see them all together in one view and see stars/flames and interesting moments. It would be nice to be able to customize lead feed alerts.
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            Thanks for the response Kim! Yes, sales is really excited about being able to subscribe to email notifications on the lead feed, but I'm sure there are times when leads are not owned by them, but still want to subscribe to the email notifications. Do you have any other recommendations besides using the watch list?

            Was really hoping Marketo would have a product roadmap to enhance sales insight at the Summit =P