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    Removing a Lead from a Campaign

    Malik Zafar



      What's best-practice when removing a lead from a campaign that is tied to Marketo?


      I changed a lead's program status to "Removed", which obviously does not remove them, but it does change their status so it says Removed and therefore you can track that. However, if you actually remove the lead then you can't see the lead at all, it'd be nice to remove a lead from a campaign but still have them listed in the campaign so you can see just how many people were removed.


      Is this possible?



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          John Clark

          Hi Malik,


          Are you talking about Marketo campaigns or Salesforce campaigns that are synced to Marketo Programs?



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            Priyank Joshi

            Hi Malik,


            To remove members from Marketo campaign you can use Remove from Flow step in your flow step. Here is the link.

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              Dan Stevens

              I think you might be mixing up a few of the basic fundamentals of programs and smart campaigns:

              • You can remove a lead from program membership by highlighting the lead and selecting "remove from program".  The lead will no longer appear as a lead within the MEMBERS tab of the program (however, all of their prior activity will still be captured in their activity log)
              • You can also remove a lead from a specific smart campaign so that they no longer run through the series of flow steps within that smart campaign.  They can still be program members when you do this.


              Both of these are very different.  By the sound of your question, I suspect you were referring to removing someone from program membership, rather than a campaign, correct?

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                Jamie Lewis

                Basically what I have done in the past is have two campaigns for this.  One for a positive value and one for a negative value.  If they qualify for the positive campaign then they proceed as normal, if their status changes then they are moved to the negative campaign and a different set of flow steps occurs at your discretion. This way you can use your "removed" flag for reporting purposes, and you can also report at the Program level as well.


                Hope this helps.

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