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    Online quiz/profile

      We are looking at doing a quiz as part of our nurturing campaign.


      We would like to do something similar to what Payscale (http://www.payscale.com/) does with their salary reports. Basically, we'd send a quiz to one of our prospects, they would fill it out, and they'd get their 'profile' from us. This would all be fun stuff, but would help us get data on them while engaging them in some light content.


      Our issue is we'd like to follow up with some post-quiz content on their type and I'm wondering what the best way to facilitate this would be that integrates into Marketo for a campaign. Is there a way to do this directly in Marketo? Or is there a third party service that allows us to do this?


      My idea of the flow of this campaign would be

      1. Lead fills out quiz and provides email address for results

      2. Once quiz is completed, they see their 'profile type' (ie. you are the Magician - you are a whiz at what you do... type information)

      3. Marketo adds them into this customer type and triggers a follow up campaign

      4. The day after they complete the quiz, an infographic with info about a typical person that fits their profile is sent to them

      5. The next day, a follow up video is sent to them


      Anyone have any ideas how we can facilitate this?