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    Filter question for an automated campaign

      Hi, I am looking to set up an automated email campaign to our members whose membership is expiring in the near future. I would like to trigger the 1st email to send 130 days prior to their expiration date (a custom field in Marketo), the 2nd 20 days prior to their expiration date, and the 3rd 4 days after their expiration date has passed. For the first one I set up a smart list using EAA Expire Date with the filter of 'in future 130 days' and that does not work. This has to be set up as a trigger nurture campaign so I don't have to touch it after it's set, so I can't pick specific dates in these filters. Any suggestions what to try?

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          Hi Sara,


          I had a similar issue with setting up a subscription renewal campaign.  The issue I had (similar to yours) is that if you just use the criteria "in the future xx days" then the first time you activate the campaign it will pick up all sorts of contacts.  I therefore (as you will see below), added an additional 2 criteria.  The 1st criteria is the one you suggested and this picks up anyone who expires in the next x days (in my case 90 days).  The second criteria I use to make sure that they have not already renewed (i.e. they do not have another membership which expires after 90 days, possibly a quirk of the way we have set these up as an object in Salesforce rather than storing the information on the contact).  The third criteria which I suggest you add is that we look for people who expire in more than 60 days (which is when the second renewal email is sent).  What this will do is therefore only send the renewal email to anyone who expires between the next 60 and 90 days.  In your case you would set this up to be between 20 and 130 days.  That way when you activate these, presuming you activate them at the same time, there will be no duplication between the programs.


          Subscription Criteria.PNG


          Hope this helps.

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            Dory Viscogliosi

            Hi Sara, there are two ways that you could go about setting this up. The first would be to set it as a filtered smart campaign similar to what Simon shows above, and have it scheduled to run every day at a specific time. The second would be a campaign that is triggered by a data value change, and that data value change is "in future x days".


            You would want to make sure that someone could only flow through this once every year (or, really just once every 130 days in your case) because otherwise it could run when their renewal date is 130 days away, 129 days away, 128 days away, etc. You could also prevent multiple runs by using a filter on the expiration date.


            Hope this helps!

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