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    Predictive Intelligence Tools

    Ashley Ayan

      Is there anybody who can provide their experience with using predictive intelligence solutions like 6Sense, Fliptop, LeadSpace, for prospecting? 

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          Mike Reynolds



          Marketo’s LaunchPoint site has lots of partners who have custom integrations with the Marketo product. Each of them will be able to provide testimonials and other useful information. The main site page is http://launchpoint.marketo.com/.


          I don’t see one for Fliptop, but I did find these:


          6sense:  http://launchpoint.marketo.com/6sense/1387-6sense-for-marketo/


          LeadSpace:  http://launchpoint.marketo.com/leadspace/703-leadspace-social-targeting-b2b-leads/

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            Guy Goldstein

            Hey Ashley,


            I've recently done a number of implementations of Infer and have seen some fantastic results. Infer combines data from your own database with up to about 250 different data points collected from their own data library to return a rating that's somehow related to your own data's outcomes.


            You can find it here: https://www.infer.com/


            By integrating the results that Infer provides with a solid behavioral scoring engine I've been able to create some very effect processes for combining the information to produce "predictive" results. Eg. to pass leads with a higher average conversion to opportunity thresholds forward by being able to set the bar higher for leads that fit less with the ideal customer profile.


            It's a tool that's well worth checking out, to date I've seen it allow me to improve sales outcomes (particularly on the lower quality leads) by about 130%.


            [Note: As with all scoring - This hasn't significantly changed the overall lead outcomes, but it's significantly improved the quality of leads being passed to sales, which has made the sales teams VERY happy about our Marketo efforts]

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